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TOOLED GRAVITY AND VIBRATORY STRAIGHT LINE TRACKS FOR CONVEYING FASTENERS TO SCREW ESCAPEMENTS, ESCAPE AND BLOW MECHANISMS AUTOMATIC SCREWDRIVERS AND NUT RUNNERS.  We would be pleased to submit a quotation on a package that meets your automatic screwdriving requirements.  Please contact one of our consultants by E-mail, or call us at 317-776-1970.  


From the concept of a screw escapement to the design of a complete Lean Manufacturing Cells and automatic screwdriver systems, MCI/Screwdriver Systems will provide you with automatic screwdrivers or nut runners designed and manufactured to the highest quality within your required timeframe and budgetary guidelines. By utilizing our design capabilities, manufacturing expertise, and stringent quality control standards you will quickly realize that you made the best decision to acheive your automatic screwdriver or nut runner requirements.  With MCI your needs are covered; no need to buy an automatic screwdriver here, a vibratory feeder bowl over there, controls from yet another supplier, and the automation to make it work from another. We're not just integrators; we're creating your screw escapement system from the ground up. 


Mechanisms for escapement and placement are custom-designed modular components that will accurately position parts tracked from MCI/Screwdriver Systems' centrifugal parts feeder, linear parts feeders, stepper feeders, or vibratory bowl feeders, for your automated assembly operation. Standard escapements and isolators are adaptable to your part size and tooling requirements.

Isolators ISOLATORS (I)

Mechanisms for isolation and positioning of your parts tracked from Vibromatic centrifugal parts feeders, linear parts feeders, stepper feeders, or vibratory bowl feeders , provides for a dependable, low cost solution which mechanically escapes parts from centrigugal, linear, or vibratory feeder bowl systems one at a time to a work station or placement mechanism.


Mechanisms desgned for the purpose of escaping and blowing of your fasteners tracked from MCI/Screwdriver Systems' centrifugal parts feeders, linear parts feeders, stepper feeders, Polycast vibratory feeder bowls, (or bowl feeders), use standard componentry where possible to meet your specific needs. Other examples of customized devices include multitrack escapements, escape and blow devices and single-station assembly mechanisms.


MCI/Screwdriver mechansims include a complete line of escape and blow mechanisms, including placement and assembly devices designed to accept fasteners tracked from centrifugal parts feeder bowls, linear parts feeders, stepper feeders, vibratory bowl feeders, and Polycast feeder bowls.  (Shown at the right is a standard tooled screw escapement mechanism custom tooled to accept headed parts from a Polycast feeder bowl and vibratory straighl line combination).  This concept is most generally used to escape and blow screws to MCI/Screwdriver Systems' Automatic Screwdrivers.     

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Mechanisms that accept parts tracked from Vibromatic centrifugal parts feeders, linear parts feeders, stepper feeders, or vibratory bowl feeders are custom designed to assemble parts at a single station.  Once assembled, inspect devices are applied to assure a complete assembly was made every time.  Check out Vibrotrac to learn more about part handling and assembly mechanisms.



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