MCI/Screwdriver polycast vibratory feeder bowl systems for automatic screwdrivers encompass a wide range of high quality, state-of-the-art parts feeding components compatible with all types of automatic screwdrivers. 

Polycast vibratory feeder bowls are designed and manufactured using a dual durometer track made from a special blend of polymers. These patented polycast vibratory parts feeder bowls are designed to perform the same rigorous tasks as conventional stainless steel vibratory parts feeder bowls, but last longer than stainless steel and cost a fraction of custom-crafted tooling for stainless steel vibratory feeder bowls.

Our custom polycast bowl feeders are designed specifically to convey your parts to MCI/Screwdriver’s custom built gravity tracks, air or vibratory conveyors, and vibrating tracks, including escapement and placement mechanisms for automatic screwdrivers. Each polycast vibratory parts feeder bowl is designed for your flexible needs.

MCI/Screwdriver’s precision machined; interchangeable tooling will allow you to conveniently switch from one type of fastener to another. A valuable advantage of our polycast vibratory fastener feeder bowl is turnaround time. Polycast vibratory parts feeder bowls are designed and built in a fraction of the time required to tool stainless steel vibratory parts feeder bowls.

MCI/Screwdriver engineers and CAD designers helped develop the polycast part handling and feeding system with one goal in mind: it must be durable and it must be accurate. This goal is obtained thanks to innovation such as the patented polycast ‘quick change tooling’ technology which assures 100%.