MCI Sliding spindles on fixtured automatic screwdrivers and nut runners are designed to extend and retract during rotation. MCI offers many styles of packages to fit your stationary or robotic applications; this includes compact and extended versions to aid in space or weight restrictions.

The vacuum slide package includes a setup of a vacuum bit with a receiver head stroke to ensure the fastener is properly seated in the vacuum bit before the drive stroke extends. MCI offers standard vacuum products or has the engineering experience to custom design a solution for your application.

Our fixture package design can be engineered and integrated to your company’s specified pneumatic or electric screwdriver package; this enables your maintenance staff to use a screwdriver brand they are comfortable servicing.

MCI/Screwdriver fixtured receiver head mechanisms are available with either 3” to 8” stroke packages. As a standard in all nut runners and automatic screwdriver slide packages, we provide upper and lower stroke limit sensors standard (24vDC) along with shock absorbers at all impact points.

From concept to completed system, MCI will provide you with a system of the highest quality within your required timeframe and budgetary guidelines.