MCI/Screwdriver custom or standard step feed systems for automatic screwdrivers encompass a wide range of high quality, skilled fabrication from our talented and experienced craftsman.

Our step feed systems can incorporate a pneumatic or electric step feed motion that specifically conveys your parts to MCI/Screwdriver’s custom built gravity tracks, air or vibratory conveyors, and vibrating tracks, including escapement and placement mechanisms for automatic screwdrivers.

Our step feed systems are made for durable 300 series stainless steel and hardened A-2 is used in high-wear areas.

MCI has a unique advantage over our competitors with the ability to machine and fabricate all of our system components in our facility in Noblesville, IN.

With our unique and custom design capabilities, manufacturing expertise, and stringent quality control standards, you can rest assured that there is no need to look elsewhere for bits and pieces of a system.

From concept to completed system, MCI will provide you with a system of the highest quality within your required timeframe and budgetary guidelines.