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LEAN MANUFACTURING CELLS, WORK CELLS, JIT LEAN MANUFACTURING, LEAN PRODUCTION, CELLULAR MANUFACTURING, AGILE MANUFACTURING ALL EQUATE TO: -- PRODUCING A QUALITY PRODUCT WHILE PUTTING HIGHER PROFITS TO THE MANUFACTURER'S BOTTOM LINE.  As a manufacturer of cost saving production equipment, MCI/Screwdriver Systems, Inc. is always looking for ways to make things run more efficiently, faster, cheaper, and simpler. With this in mind, the approach we take always involves reassessing the production elements within your plant that impede the system flow. In such an analysis we evaluate the operation as a whole in search for efficiencies in your manufacturing operations that will ultimately put more to your bottom line. In other words, to enhance productivity while responding quickly to manufacturer's rapidly changing customer demands.  When evaluating your production requirements, MCI/Screwdriver looks at every production operation while taking full advantage of the resources available in your plant to arrive at total enterprise resource planning (ERP) that ensures all plant elements are in synch with each other. In the evolution of ERP as a manufacturing concept, MCI/Screwdrivers' concept of work center management has come to the forefront as a place of greatest gains in cost saving efficiency.  We would be pleased to submit a quotation on a package that meets your automatic screwdriving, and lean cell manufacturing requirements.  Please contact one of our consultants by E-mail, or call us at 317-776-1970.

  • MCI/Screwdriver is committed to provide continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results (i.e. reduce process variation) which is of vital importance to your business success.  We seek to identify your manufacturing and business processes by focusing on characteristics that can be measured, analyzed, improved and controlled.  Our goal is to achieve sustained quality improvements that can be quantified by your entire organization, particularly top-level management.  We are committed to a clear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable financial returns from any project that you choose to purchase from MCI/Screwdriver Systems.  We work with you to arrive at your production goals with clear commitment to making decisions predicated on verifiable data, rather than assumptions or guesswork.

MCI/Screwdriver Systems is committed to evaluate your just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing modes, by striving to eliminate efficiencies in your plant operations that are sometimes lost in expensive set-ups and in-direct labor costs associated with non-productive shop floor time. To overcome these negatives, we offer lean cell technology which eliminates repetitive, costly, labor intensive processes that also takes up valuable physical plant space. Based on sensible ergonomic principals, your lean cell operators can function in very close proximity to each other—so close that they can merely hand each other piece units. In the classic lean work cell, an ERP operation can maximize production efficiencies through some of the most basic lean principles:

MCI/Screwdriver Systems, Inc. focus is on continuous Flow through the use of shadow boards for tools and the pre-assembly delivery of material to the all cells, MCI/Screwdriver Systems' lean work center eliminates most non-value added operator movement (i.e., in-direct costs). In other words, the lean cell becomes a place of efficiency where a value added operation is realized.

We focus on reconfiguration efficiencies by isolating repetitive production, reducing set-up and cell reconfiguration costs with an end result in maximized changeover with minimized downtime in a relatively uninterrupted plant flow.

Another very important goal is Improved Quality by designing our lean work cells to provide our customers with the opportunity for immediate feedback via quality inspection.  Our lean work cell stations reduces waste and enhances continuous improvement—this is our lean work cell production principle. In addition, through the use of simple, lean work cell tools and machines within the cell, the replacement of malfunctioning devices is always quick and easy.

Just in time (JIT) delivery is the end result of our unique concept.  Not only do parts arrive to your lean work cell when needed, but the rapid one-piece (or small) lot flow of the lean cell means production maximization at every step along the system flow. In addition, non-cyclical work is performed by your support personnel located outside the cell. All of these factors aid in the reduction of both inventory and work-in-progress.

Ultimately, MCI/Screwdriver lean cell systems in an ERP operation cuts production cycle time, and costs significantly. From the receipt of the order to the shipping of the finished goods out of the plant, production time, and costs are reduced and JIT production is enhanced dramatically. In addition, with in-direct costs minimized through the ergonomic continuous flow design, lean work cell manufacturing enhances your all-important bottom line profit margin.


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